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Cookiecutter is a project templating tool with roughly 1,000,000 downloads a month. Written by Audrey Roy Greenfeld in 2013, Cookiecutter has since grown thanks to the community of contributors. Cookiecutter has many use cases, from infrastructure and cloud orchestration and automation to use as a development productivity tool for web dev companies. Cookiecutter templates are available in Python, JavaScript, Go, C, PHP, Ruby, and more.

Cookiecutter Django

Cookiecutter Django is a project template for Django projects.

Cookiecutter PyPackage

Cookiecutter PyPackage is a project template for Python package projects, such as Python libraries and UNIX command line tools.


Laptops for Families

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Past Projects

Fire Prep Kit

Over the past few years, wildfires have swept across California in increasing numbers. Climate change is causing weather conditions in the western United States that are conducive to wildfires, and every year fire season gets longer.

When fire threatens a home, families typically have under three minutes to grab their belongings and get out. Fire Prep Kit is an open source mobile app that aims to increase the number of lives and homes saved when fires strike.

Our goal is to make Fire Prep Kit useful to communities around the world. Through the project, we hope to educate communities about fire preparedness and encourage people to take an active role in learning about fire safety.

We believe the more you understand your fire risk level, the more you can take actions to protect your family. Seeing where you reside on a fire hazard map can motivate you to be more prepared. Then, interactive checklists allow you to reduce your overall risk by addressing potential fire dangers around your home. A 3D home scanner allows you to create an evacuation map, useful to not just your household but also your local fire department.